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I have been and am continuing to be on hiatus for awhile to dedicate myself to study and what God says to women and specifically to wives of unbelievers, seeking to honor Him and to both demonstrate my love and respect to my “beloved unbeliever” (who professes a type of belief but not genuine saving faith, so prayers please for him) and to win him without a word. Hard lesson, that…I’m a wordy kinda gal. But I am also a determined kind of gal. So prayers for this vacationing blogger as well please. Thanks! Have a blessed Autumn. I hope to return to posting sometime after Thanksgiving. In the meantime there are a few years worth of posts here…feel free to noodle around!

May we all live for the Lord and strive to honor Him in all we think, do and say. Remember, no sacrifice on our part, be it dying to self, speaking the truth aloud, or standing upright for the word of God in the midst of a godless and God hating world even comes close to the price paid to redeem our sorry sinful souls and bring us into the family of the one true and living God. So…buck up pilgrims! The road may be bumpy and frought with traps and dangers, but the One who walks with us and guides us every step is faithful.:-) See you soon! ~AGM ❤