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I had decided to make the move to Blogger as a result of this “rainbow” stupidity. However, in giving it much thought, I am staying. Here’s why…You see my issue was that it was imposed. And it was, on Christians who stand for the truth that God created marriage, defines it as one man and one woman, and has given it as an example of Christ and the Church. No one can change that truth and no stupid hijacking of His rainbow can ever change the truth of either God’s covenant rainbow OR His creation of marriage. Nothing ever changes truth. Nothing. (Did you know they are not the first to do it? New Agers did it back in the 60’s and 70’s and the homosexual agenda stole it from them. Who got their britches in an uproar when the proponents of New Age Gnosticism used it? Anyone? Hello??)

So I am rescinding my move. I have decided to stay right where I am. If their agenda is to cause us to leave, it won’t work with this sister. They shall either have to censor my posts or delete my account. This girl shall not be moved.

And so I will still continue to post the truth of God’s word at WordPress, because some stupid rainbow cannot cause me to flee like a little girl with a garden snake being thrust at her….Perhaps some of those lost will read some biblical truth and be saved. Perhaps not. But either way, may God be glorified and may I be found still standing regardless of what wicked people do or do not do. The truth is, it is all about HIM, not about WordPress, the depraved, or anything else. And having a hissy fit about the lost doing what the lost does only serves to make it be about something else. For the one hissying, it is about them, and secondary, it brings too much attention to wickedness when we ought to be speaking truth of God instead. And for the record, God calls homosexuality an abomination, and so do I. And they still need to be saved through the biblical Christ. So keep speaking the truth of it, and never compromise one lost soul for anything or anyone. THAT is biblical love.


There’s a war going on…and we’ve got our marching papers!