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clown monkey

It is YOUR choice men, you only have YOU to blame. Have you blamed your wife? DO you blame her for your choices? Speaking of your wife, you want some truth? Your wife? She is your traumatized victim, in a way that is akin to the victim of rape. YOU, sir, are her rapist. Emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and no doubt serially. If she is cold toward you, it is because YOU caused that coldness. If she doesn’t trust you, it is because YOU betrayed her and abused her with your lies and your sinfulness and because in choosing to do that  YOUare untrustworthy. If she is angry with you, YOU caused that anger and it is well deserved. Do you think for one moment ANY wife likes feeling how your wife feels? Do you? If so you have been given over to your own sick fantasy life. Do you think for one moment that GOD likes that the wife HE gave you is feeling like that? Does He turn a blind eye to what you have done to her in the marriage HE gave you to protect, the wife HE gave you to protect and cherish and love as He loves the Church? Do you? Do you think that you can do those things and God will not repay? That He gives you a pass? Is His grace as your repentance is? Capricious and worldly? Are you still treating your wife as though she is responsible for YOUR sin? If not overtly, in any way? Well she is not. YOU are. No one else. And it is SIN not “addiction” or “disease” or ” mistake”. God calls it SIN. Your sin.

Only a deceived sinner would blame the victim of rape for the consequences to the one raped. If you are blaming your wife for any of YOUR consequences, you are a deceived and depraved fool. And in the end the truth will hit you full force. But you shall not have a defense. God’s judgement. YOU earned that. Feel the full weight of your guilt now, or feel it for eternity. That too is your choice. I tell you it is much lighter now. Man up. Or perish. Unless your conscience is just too dead to be able to feel it. If that is the case, you are already a dead man walking headlong into Hell, and you may as well just live what you are and stop pretending. Hey…the world will accept your sin as okay…and you are of the world. That payoff you get for your sin, for ignoring it, for blame shifting onto your victim….remember it….it is the most pleasure you will get for all of eternity. That conscience you have hardened….it will testify against you at the judgment. ALL of it. And continue to for all of eternity.


And for women married to these “men”….this is the only taste of Hell you shall ever have, eternally free from all residual pain if you are Christ’s. I know…it cannot come soon enough. But one day all of this evil will e vanquished, and we, along side the King, shall be cheering His righteous judgement. Maranatha.