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hypocrisy     Originally posted on The Bloody Cross:

2013-09-20-heart2 You stand before God, condemned, convicted and damned to an eternity in hell for your willful rebellion.
You lie without an ounce of remorse.
You draw people along in the web of your deceit.
You talk Bible when you need to.
You act like a Christian when it benefits you.
You are a coward. You are a fool. And you are not fooling anyone.
God is not mocked. You are the fool.
I know who you are, and you know who you are.
You are not fooling anyone.
You don’t even have the courage to accept a confrontation.
You listen to and promote another spirit. The god of this age, the father of lies.
You need to go to the word of God and repent.
You need to  live what you claim to believe and what you like to hold others to, while ignoring the worms in your own soul.
They will eat you alive.

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