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“As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in him” (Col 2:6). That is an exhortation to Christians, and its force is—Continue as you began. But how had they “begun”? By receiving “Christ Jesus the Lord,” by surrendering to Him, by subjecting themselves to His will, by ceasing to please themselves. His authority was now owned. His commands now became their rule of life. His love constrained them to a glad and unreserved obedience. They “gave their ownselves to the Lord” (2Co 8:5). Have you, my dear reader, done this? Have you? Do the details of your life evidence it? Can those with whom you come into contact see that you are no more living to please self (2Co 5:15)?”

Oh my reader, make no mistake upon this point: a conversion which the Holy Spirit produces is a very radical thing. It is a miracle of grace. It is the enthroning of Christ in the life.”

~ Arthur Pink, “Is Christ Your Lord?”

Ask those closest to you….do not ever go by your own estimation of yourself. Your heart is deceitfully wicked…and the bible says those who go by their own estimations are fools. If people cannot see the fruit of your salvation…those who know you best….do you really have true salvation? Or just a facsimile of the real thing? The word says the latter.