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It is a modern teaching and deception that speaks of REPENTANCE as only a change of mind.

It is simply NOT the truth…not in the least.

Scripture mentions the Greeks and the Gnostics. Their belief was that in KNOWLEDGE lies the POWER of TRANSFORMATION.

Thus…SALVATION was taught as a MENTAL change.

This is EXACTLY what is being espoused under the guise of “Repent means to change one’s mind.”

Notice this truth:

Many people come to the KNOWLEDGE that Jesus is the Christ…the Messiah…and that He WAS and IS God.

Yet…many of those who KNOW this truth do not SERVE the Lord…believing ON Him as the ONLY way to SALVATION.

REPENTANCE is FAR more than a “change of mind.”

REPENTANCE is a TOTAL transformation…to include HEART, SOUL, and SPIRIT.

No one is TRULY transformed if their HEART and their ACTIONS are not ALSO transformed.

We can “change our minds” about someone…yet…we can STILL not SERVE them in OBEDIENCE.

If I wrongly believe a rumor about someone…and I learn the truth…I can KNOW they are not GUILTY of the RUMOR…yet…I can STILL not TRUST them due to OTHER realities.

Thus it is with our BELIEF in Jesus.

We may KNOW He is God…but we may not TRUST Him unto SALVATION.

Gnosticism still exists…as it declares “Repent just means a change of mind.”

~Ron Smith