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I believe that the majority of people who claim to be Christians are not. And what do I look for that’s kind of tell-tale signs? Well several things. Number one, those who seek feelings, blessings, experiences, healings, angels. You see they’re more interested in the byproducts of the faith than they are the faith. They’re more interested in the gifts than they are the Giver. They’re more interested in the blessing than they are the Blesser.
And then another dead giveaway are people who are more committed to their denomination or their church than they are to the Word of God and to have a very superficial knowledge of, or interest in Scripture but a very high level of devotion to the system. And then I look at people also to whom theology is nothing more than an academic interest. You find these kinds of people in seminaries everywhere, teaching in colleges in the area of theology. And then I look for people also who always want to deal with one over-emphasized point of theology because it seems to me that those people are just seeking a platform on which they can gain some kind of hearing for their own ego’s sake. And then I look for people who are consistently over-indulgent in the name of grace, who are always wanting to talk about how gracious God is as an excuse for their licentiousness.
~ Pastor John MacArthur

Excerpted from
Empty Hearts,
Empty Words
Make your calling and election sure.