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Paul Washer shares how he went from a rebel against Christ to a follower of Christ.

“When we talk about this, seeking after God and experiences, no two lives are the same, what happens to one believer does not have to happen to another. We shouldn’t seek experiences, but we should seek God in Christ.” – Paul Washer


However…a change of heart and change of way of living life DOES happen with salvation. And everyone can see it. Not only that, it progresses…it does not remain stagnant nor does a person remain a liar and a coward, a thief, a user, an adulterer, a drunk, a sexual deviant, etc. THAT my friends is merely adding a little “Jesus” to a life of ongoing sin as some kind of accessory. He is LORD…He is no accessory. Maybe they only incorporate the talk into their lives. Talk is not anything. Perishing fools. Do they not know how visibly their wicked hearts show themselves THROUGH their actions and non actions? Maybe they gauge themselves by their own deceitful hearts…well that’s not gonna bode well. Truth is…Paul Washer is not  Christian anomaly…He is a genuine Christian man. can you tell the difference between him and you? If so…repent and be saved. If not…and you bear no genuine fruit…perhaps it is too late for you. The law of reaping and sowing applies to everyone.