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Been thinking a lot lately about people who profess with their lips but who’s hearts are obviously far from Him by how they actually live, the choices they make, the way they treat “loved” ones, and how little evidence that they have ever even met Him, let alone have Him is proved by those things. Never confessing sin. Never even having an answer to how they have sinned. Seared consciences but mouths professing so much they are so objectively void on. Do they really think they have the Holy Spirit of God IN them? And if so, would He really live with them as they live more reminiscent of the spirit of the god of this age, Satan, than anyone else? Depravity can convince us of just about anything. But with the word of God being read, recited, regurgitated when it serves them, they must have read it, right? So how can they possibly even begin to think they have ever been twice born when they are so OBVIOUSLY rotting flesh? Astounds me. I suppose Satan has blinded the poor fools so completely there may be no hope as they are content in their pernicious ways. Confusing religiousity with regeneration, they keep walking as they always have, just adding “Jesus” to the mix. However, God may do a miracle and open their dead eyes, uncover their dead hearts, pound their dead consciences and break them beyond repair to bring them to Himself. In their case, that would be His kindness. 

If you ever question if you have the Holy Spirit of God (and you should question, not rely on a fool, yourself, to answer the question but rely on GOD’S word and sound counsel to do it), maybe this will either give you hope (deluded excluded) or bring you to your stiff necked knees. Either way, May God’s will be done.~AGM† 


“The Holy Spirit leads us, convicts us of sin, affects our thought life, causes us to live for Christ’s glory, and much more. These things and others give proof and evidence of the Holy Spirit abiding in us. It is only by the power of the Holy Spirit that we bear fruit and are becoming more like Christ. In this sermon Tim gives twelve proofs that the Bible gives us of the evidence of the Holy Spirit in a believer’s life….”