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“In our days, to be a true Christian is really to become a scandal.”

~ John Wesley

“The majority of what calls itself Christianity today is a circus. You’ve got a bunch of people chasing health, wealth, prosperity; chasing a good time, chasing the social club, chasing where the action’s happening, chasing the good music and the good times. But few people are out there chasing God, and truly going hard after Him, and truly making the sacrifices in their life and cleaning their hands in such a way and working to have a pure heart that they might actually ascend that hill of the Lord and they might actually commune with God in a way that few people do and few people know about.”

~ Tim Conway, sermon, “Who Ascends the Hill of God,” 00:09:00.

“The best title of the [professing] church of God today, in my judgment, is ‘Unbelieving Believers.’”

~ Leonard Ravenhill

The true Gospel of Jesus Christ will make believers, sacrificers, martyrs and slaves. The false Gospel makes backsliders.

We are commanded to preach the Gospel. The truth of the Gospel must make man uncomfortable. It must make man squirm. It must make him rebel and get angry, for his whole being is evil and wicked. Force a leper into the sun and he will kick and fuss. It’s painful to hear the truth. But it must be!

“‎We have taken the glorious gospel of our blessed God and reduced it down to four spiritual laws and five things God wants you to know, with a little superstitious prayer at the end; and if someone repeats it after us with enough sincerity, we popishly declare them to be born again. We’ve traded regeneration for decisionism.”

~ Paul Washer, sermon, “Ten Indictments Against the Modern Church.”

“This is evangelicalism today: sensual, carnal, unconverted people that have just enough deceptive religion to drive them straight into Hell! Are you that kind of person? Or do you have new affections?”

~ Paul Washer

“The whole world is willing to say a little prayer. What does the sinner’s prayer sound like? … ‘Jesus, please come into my heart.’ You know one of the dangerous things about that prayer? You don’t find it anywhere in the word of God. Nowhere! That’s not how Jesus said Heaven is attained. … We’ve got a world full of people that are happy and ready to say ‘Jesus, I’m a sinner, please come into my heart,’ and then you go enjoy all the idols, all the sin, love the same garbage on TV that the rest of the world loves, dress like them, look like them, pursue all the things that the world wants—everybody wants to be able to say a little prayer as fire insurance to get out of Hell and then go live it up and have their sin!”

~ Tim Conway, sermon, “Few People Make it to Heaven.”

How many church members sit under the false security of a sinner’s prayer? How many are fully convinced that when they die they will be welcomed into heaven with open arms? How many church members live their lives the exact same way they did before they prayed that little prayer? Nothing’s changed. There’s no hatred for sin, there’s no submission to the crushing hand of a sovereign God. Just self exalted.

Exalting self will do nothing more than fill hell.