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Hey! Here’s to the real men out there! Your wives know who you are, and they thank GOD for you. 🙂

Men obey the word of God and love their wives as Christ loves the church. A real man protects her, defends her, nurtures her and keeps her safe from those who would seek to harm her, knowing that while she is the weaker vessel, she has been given to him by the Father as his help meet and best counsel, and that as he loves her he loves God. A real man lives genuinely, speaks genuinely, and has genuine integrity. He would no more betray the trust of his wife than he would rip pieces of his own skin off. In fact he would rather tear his own skin to pieces, than tear anyone’s heart or rip all possibility of trust away from them. A real man would die for honesty and godliness in all his undertakings and in his relationships, and his wife would never have occasion to have to even think of questioning his sincerity and his honesty.

Boys…too busy wanting their diapies changed and their pride cowed to, running and hiding behind excuses and lies, playing games, and trying to live life having their cake and eating it to. Have you ever really tried that? Maybe when you were 7? Yeah, impossible. Boys haven’t figured that out yet. Men did before they hit puberty.

So, here’s to all the real men who live their profession of Christ out of love for Him and His redemption of their truly repentant hearts even though they know they could never deserve it. Men who objectively live their vows to their wives, their promises to their children, and are those of whom the Lord will say “well done!”. Good and faithful. That’s a real man. That’s God’s man. And that’s the kind of man I pray all you women out there have, a gift from God. The pre-Bridegroom groom representing the One to come in your homes.  🙂