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Sin is so easy. It’s lazy. It’s the path of least resistance. It’s comfortable. It’s uncontrolled. It’s undisciplined. It’s everything you do naturally without the Spirit of God inside you and the Bible to command you. But the fight to defeat sin is built into every believer – they never give up. They’ll keep on killing it and fighting their instincts and fleshly inclinations. It’s amazing grace when people are recreated to do whatever it takes to obey God, even if it is the hardest and most difficult path.~Matthew Hagen


If you haven’t been convicted of your sin and emptied your heart to God, and surrendered your mind, heart, and existence to Him, I ask, “why?” It must be spiritual reasons. We are spiritual beings. We are slaves to only one of two masters, God or Satan. We’re either trapped in perpetual pride and rebelliousness or we’re freed to be slaves of Christ. If you can’t seem to grieve your sin, empty yourself and give your deepest submission to Christ as your permanent Master, then there’s only one other scenario. Please repent and believe the Gospel of Christ.