“Your good deeds are worse than the boiling, writhing corpse of an animal baking in the noon day sun. Why? Because you worship SELF! The god of self stands proud at the entrance of your heart and has the audacity to defy the holiness and righteousness of God. And you serve him willfully.”

Jesus commands you to repent. You. Yes. You! You know who you are! God knows too, even better than your foolish prideful heart will allow you to know. YOU….Sunday Christian. Situational Christian. Practical Existentialist. The one with the situational ethics…you. Knowing about Him is NOT knowing Him, and no one who has genuinely repented lives as you do. You know I’m talking to you…and God knows too. Repent. Before you have no conscience left at all….not even that seared little scrap…YOU! Please, before it is entirely too late. It almost is. Feel that? It is the fool and their pride battling conviction. Stop. Drop. Repent now. There is no hope for the one who continues in their sin. Only a sure certainty of eternal Hell.