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“Unbroken patterns of sin are characteristic of the unregenerate. No matter what a person claims about being a Christian, if he or she continues in sin, it is only a claim and not a reality. When you became a Christian, the pattern of sin was broken and a new pattern came into existence. Godly desires took over. Does that mean there’s no sin in your life? No, because your unredeemed flesh is still there. But the more you pursue those religious affections, the less you will sin. … Sin as a life pattern is incompatible with salvation. That’s because to experience salvation is to be saved from something, and that something is sin. If a person could continue in sin after being saved from sin, that would mean salvation is ineffective.” ~ John MacArthur, “Saved Without a Doubt,” p. 92.

“It is difficult to imagine a true repentance that does not include at least an element of contrition—not sorrow for getting caught; not sadness because of the consequences; but a sense of anguish at having sinned against God.” ~ John MacArthur, “The Gospel According to Jesus,” p. 180.

“The people of God cannot form intimate relationships with those who don’t belong to God. All relationships like that are superficial. You cannot make a meaningful relationship with an enemy of the gospel. They live in a different world with a different and completely hostile and antagonistic leader.” ~ John MacArthur, sermon, “Separating From Unbelievers,” Part 1 (even among family members)

Men may pray long, and fast often, and hear gladly, and be very forward in the service of God, though costly and expensive, and yet be strangers to conversion. They must have more to plead for themselves than that they go to church, give alms, and make use of prayer, to prove themselves sound converts. ~ Conversion does not consist in an external conformity to the rules of piety, An Alarm To The Unconverted, Joseph Alleine

A carnal person may have some shreds of good morality, but he is never good throughout the whole cloth. Conversion is not a repairing of the the old building; but it takes all down, and erects a new structure. It is not the sewing on of a patch of holiness; but with the true convert, holiness is woven into all his powers, principle and practice. The sincere Christian is quite a new fabric, from the foundation to the top-stone. He is a new man, a new creature; all things are become new (2 Cor 5:17). Conversion is a deep work, a heart work. It makes a new man in a new world. It extends to the whole man, to the mind, to the members, to the motions of the whole life. ~ An Alarm to the Unconverted, Joseph Alleine

Make no mistake, have no misunderstanding….Regardless of your stature, status, gain or achievement, if you lack Christ; you’ve gained nothing and have lost everything…and your chains will follow you into eternal hell.