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Faith and Repentance Inseparable.

“Repent ye, and believe the gospel.”—Mark 1:15

“Repent ye, and believe the gospel,” I charge you by the living God, I charge you by the world’s Redeemer, I charge you by cross of Calvary, and by the blood which stained the dust at Golgotha, obey this divine message and you shall have eternal life; but refuse it, and on your heads be your blood for ever and ever!


If you have truly repented your life will bear the fruit of that. And if not, your life will be glaringly empty of that fruit. And a glare one can never cover up….not even with supposed good works or glib speech. And if you are reading this wondering “what fruit is she speaking of”, if you were not in the latter category you would know. Just sayin. Do not tempt God…he can withdraw your breath at any moment. A moment too late for redemption.