James 4

7 Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

What does it mean to resist the devil? What does it mean to submit to God?

Do you live your life in such a way that it makes it very hard for the devil to attack you? Or do you leave your doors and windows open for the devil to waltz in?

Do you protect yourself from sin and temptation? Or do you live your life as close to the edge as possible?

You see, we as believers are supposed to be different. We are supposed to be unique, peculiar and separate from the world. When the world looks at you–do they see Christ being lived out through you? Or do they see no difference at all?

I see “Christians” all over the internet and in life doing what the world does, liking what the world likes and living life as though there is no difference between a so called “blood-washed, blood-bought believer in Christ” and a rank, defil and wicked sinner who hates God and does whatever he can to rebel against him.

I see Christians watching rank, sinful movies (you know who you are). I see Christians listening to music that no Christian in his right mind should. I see Christians going places that Christ would never step. Why?

Because they are not saved. Because they are no different from the world. Because they are unregenerate sinners wearing the mask of religion.

They are still attached to the world. Their roots are still firmly planted in the world and this is why their desires and behaviours are so similar…with a touch of church thrown in for good measure.

When a soul is taken from the manure pile of sin and brought into the house and family of God, his entire life changes. His desires change. His wants, friends, his motives, his future…it all changes forever. His stomach churns over his past and he weeps. The very thought of sin makes him sick. He hates his sin because it was that very sin that crucified his Lord.

Imagine if you had a gun and realized it was that very gun that was responsible for killing your child? You would never want to see or hold that gun again. Just the very thought of using that gun again would make you sick in your stomach.

The world goes back to the mire of sin, because he really knows no other. Oh, he’s heard about that beautiful palace up there on the hill. He’s even wandered around the place from time to time, but he always returns to his muck. Why? Because his heart is there.

True Christians can resist the devil. They can turn their backs on him and tuck their heads into the strong arms of God and know that HE will take care of that which scares him. When we turn away like that and trust in God to take care of the situation, then that is is submitting to God.

You see, it’s again, a matter of submission. Submission to God leads to resisting the devil. Resold-man-no-teethisting the devil leads to Him fleeing. All he needs is a look from God, and he’s gone. He knows better. But he will do his best to lure you away from God in order to entice you. Have you ever been enticed to sin whilst on your knees in worship? Have you ever been drawn into sin whilst singing praises to God? No. Why? Because the devil can’t get close to you. When you spend time in God’s presence playing among the folds of His robe…do you think the devil can have at you? One look from your heavenly Father will freeze him in his tracks and send him fleeing for his very life.

Submit to God and the devil will run away. Resist him and he will pick on someone else. Don’t think you;re big and bad enough to stand firm under your own steam. That’s ego and pride talking.

Do it yourself and you will fall. Submit to God and you will be victorious! And the devil will be powerless as an old man with no teeth!

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