For those in the battle. For your homes. For your families. For the salvation of those in each who are disobedient to the word (Peter is clear, disobedient living is an unbeliever), for all in the battle for the truth of the word of God, suffering many losses, getting many wounds…STAY in the battle. God’s way. May you find encouragement in this sermon by Pastor Carter Conlon. We are victors only through Christ….His way. God’s truth. We battle a defeated foe, nasty and vicious as he may be. Be sure you are not on the wrong side of the battle. ~AGM†


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search me oh God

That is the absolute best you can give to your family, to your friends, to a lost and dying world. Right there. Integrity of love for the biblical Jesus Christ. You will know you have it when your family is secure and basking in that love passed on to them through your fruit of a regenerated heart for the Lord. When they are growing in His grace and you are helping them to grow by your godly example and teaching. If you’re not sure where you are on this then ask your family. Ask them anyway. And then hear them. If need be, turn around! Stop going in the direction you have been! In Christ we have no excuses to not live as He has commanded. None. If your family is not even close to how God has created a family to be, a marriage to be…you know it. So do they. So does God. Go to the Lord…confess your sins…obey His word and fix it. Go to your family, go to your husband, go to your wife…each one of you. Make things really right! It is the very least you can sacrifice for the One who purchased your sorry sick stenching soul from the promise of eternal Hell. A sacrifice of pride. A sacrifice of self will. A sacrifice of “I want”. A sacrifice of the flesh. It is a basic sacrifice of love for the Lord. The sacrifice of self on His behalf and for the benefit of others in your life. You know how true this is. Do not wait for anyone else…YOU do it. Fight the battle the right way! GOD’S way!

Happy Heart Day. Now go make some happy hearts in those you love….Start with Jesus and don’t stop until all those you influence and whose lives you touch in your immediate family have been restored to you and you to them through Christ. No excuses. You can do this…God has commanded you to, you have to do this. He breaks a heart to make a new heart. Be heartbroken.  Repent when you know that you should, and a tender heart for Him always knows. And then keep on growing in His image and in His heart likeness. Jesus Christ is God in flesh and still…what did He do? He served and gave and washed traitors feet and died to save us from God’s wrath against our very nature! GOD did this! God in flesh humbled Himself and became a man to die, not so we can continue to act like heartless flesh monsters…so we can be free of living like that! So we can really actually honor Him! So we can now obey Him and love Him, and be loved BY Him. If anyone is in Christ he is a, what? A new creation! Not a slave to the flesh a slave to the Lord!

Listen…we can do this only through Christ. And those who are truly His, because of Him, we DO do this. Get on the right side of the battle and stay on the right side of the battle. The battle….is your flesh and it’s intrinsic love of all that God hates, sin in all it’s forms. Run to Him now. Make things right all the way around. Good fruit. Lasting fruit for the kingdom. That is our aim, and can only be found through Christ and in Christ.  If you have never done that…know for certain, you can get a new heart for Valentine’s Day. It just has to be God’s way. And it has to be a heart that is continually growing in His likeness. May we all be heartbroken for His names sake, and may we all seek to glorify Him above all else through our willingness to die to self and really, truly love for Him. May we not sacrifice our loved ones for our own selfish pride and sin. May we not crucify the Son of man over again by our disobedience to His word, and continuing in sin. And may He take hearts of stone and give hearts of flesh that are His for eternity. May we all be on the right side of the battle. It’s the only way to be a winner. It’s the only way to love the Lord and our families. The only way. ♥ 🙂