Here’s your Pastor Lawson bonus! 🙂

Pastor Lawson….excellent teaching. For anyone who loves the Lord and seeks to live by His word, and honor His name with their lives, all of their lives. May you be blessed!~AGM†♥


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 The god of this world makes it very difficult to avoid the impure. The flesh makes it very difficult not to indulge impurity of one kind or another. The word of God says that if we are His, we are under His name, and so we must if we love Him and our hearts seek to honor Him. We are to bring all things into subjection to Christ. And we are to crucify the flesh. Never to allow room for things that God hates. The wonderful truth is that in seeking HIM above anything else, He will help us to obey. Oh what a glorious Lord we have!

“Any sin is more or less heinous depending upon the honor and majesty of the one whom we had offended. Since God is of infinite honor, infinite majesty, and infinite holiness, the slightest sin is of infinite consequence. The slightest sin is nothing less than cosmic treason when we realize against whom we have sinned.” – Jonathan Edwards.