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1 Corinthians 10:31 “So… whether you eat, or drink, or whatever you do, do all… to the glory of God…

At salvation, Jesus Christ is confessed as Lord to the glory of God. (Ro 10:9) You then yield your life to the revealed will of God to the glory of God. You are content to give Him glory no matter what it costs you personally. It means you are suffering the very anguish that God suffers when He’s dishonored.

In other words, if you’re living to the glory of God then you don’t care what it costs you. You don’t care whether you live or die, you don’t care whether you gain credit for anything as long as God is glorified. It doesn’t matter what your price has to be, doesn’t matter what you have to give up.

Now that is the bottom line people, those are the first two things we need to see. If we’re to grow spiritually, we have to lose ourselves: First in the lordship of Christ at the moment of salvation; Secondly, in the Lordship of Christ as He dominates our lives from then on. We obey Christ and respond to His direction in our lives with no thought of what it means to us. We have no thought if we’re going to be successful, no thought is this comfortable for me, but rather be concerned God being glorified. We are then moving along in a progression of growth. Every time we do our own thing, choose our own way, seek our own will, even pertaining to Christian service, if the motive isn’t right, we flatten out and spiritual growth doesn’t take place.

“In our lesson this time we are continuing to study the theme of spiritual growth, this very essential reality of maturity in the Christian life.  And whether you’re a new Christian, a Christian who’s a little bit along in years of knowing Christ, or whether you’ve been a Christian for a very long time, you never really stop the process of spiritual maturity.  If you do you’re in sad shape to be sure. But a Christian who’s committed to Christ is going to be in the process of spiritual growth.  So these principles are not those that relate, say, only to a spiritual infant.  But anyone along the path of life before you’re in the presence of the Lord and have received your instant perfection is involved really in a process of maturing or growing, and so the truths we’re sharing in these studies are for everybody.  Hopefully they’ll bless your life no matter where you are on your Christian pilgrimage and hopefully you’ll pass them on to someone else who will find great benefit from them.  Not because they’re my thoughts—Lord forbid that they should be—but rather because they come from God’s Word…….

Now, let’s move on to a third major point. How do we glorify God? We glorify God, thirdly, by confessing sin, by confessing sin. Now this may seem a little bit strange but it follows along the same line I’ve been talking about. The greatest—now mark it—the greatest expression of humility is to confess sin. But most people don’t do that; most of us, even Christians, kind of gloss over our sin. We are too busy to bother to acknowledge it, or we sort of figure we’re pretty good most of the time, there’s no sense dragging up dirt about ourselves. Or we blame our circumstances, or our environment, or the people around us. But we are prone not to confess sin, and thus we miss the glory of God….”

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