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When that monster of a man hung by the side of Jesus on the cross, mocking His dying agonies, reviling His dear name, and endeavoring to add to His tremendous sorrows — Jesus was as silent as one who heard not, as patient as one who felt not, and as kind as one who had been treated with all possible respect! For, no sooner does the bold blasphemer cry, “Lord remember me!” than Jesus answers, “Today shall you be with me in paradise!” And can you, O my Savior, freely and fully pardon such a wretch as that? Can you take him in Your arms, to paradise? Can you forget his scarlet crimes, the insults he offered, and the daring wickedness manifested by him but a few minutes before? O Lord, who is like unto you?~The Believer’s Companion in Seasons of Affliction and Trouble by James Smith

I am that monster. Thank You Jesus. Thank You. ❤

“Our theology is only as deep as how it has affected how we think and therefore act in every circumstance.”