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Do you acknowledge your sin? Do you confess it to those you know the word says to confess it to…those you have touched with it? Not just to God….we are to confess our sins to one another…do you do that or do you “select” who you will admit (different than confess) your sin to? Do you let your sin touch everyone else around you but refuse to let it touch you? You’re one pretty messed up ball of wickedness. So what to do about that?

Well first, repent from the pride that is killing you and dragging you into Hell…and second…in essence you are pretending to people that you are without sin…are you redefining sin so you don’t have to have it? You can’t. GOD defines it, and if you have read the word for any amount of time, you KNOW that…and the word applies to you too. So if you are living like that you can KNOW also…you are not regenerated. You are living in willful disobedience…and one who lives like that, according to GOD, is not one of His, not saved, not reborn, still dead in the sin you refuse to confess (so you can still hang onto it and stroke it and love it and indulge yourself in it perhaps?). Bottom line…no matter how many religious “things” you do, no matter how “Christian” you can sound, no matter how much of the word you know (which really makes you without excuse, doesn’t it?), no matter how much you have convinced yourself that you can sin, not confess it, cling to it, try to “manage” your sin and play around with it while presenting yourself as a Christian…YOU ARE NOT A CHRISTIAN.  You are a dead man walking. Strolling the wide road to Hell for eternity. Where you and your deadly pride will suffer forever with no reprieve. God will not be in the presence of sin…no, not yours either. So since you still live in ongoing, unconfessed, unmortified, ungodly sin, you can be assured He is not with you…nor His Holy Spirit. In fact, His face is turned away from you in righteous anger. He will hear nothing from you but confession,repentance, and full surrender to the only way to Him (on HIS terms), His Son, the biblical Jesus Christ. The only thing He has to say to you right now is…”Away with you, worker of iniquity…I find you guilty and sentence you to Hell everlasting! Out of my sight!” Your pride, deception and narcissism cannot change that truth. And that is what it all comes down to…precisely like Satan, who God calls your real father.

Repent. And be saved. Start evidencing genuine fruit with confession to those who’s lives have been touched by the evil of your sin…you know who they are. The know who they are. So does God. And your sin is first against Him, and then His children….He doesn’t let that go unpunished forever you know…your time is fast running out.