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This is an excerpt from a very good sermon (I highly recommend it in full). Pastor Tim Conway is talking about how we represent ourselves on Facebook. Good question. The question extends to more than Facebook, it extends to everything we do on the internet, in our private lives, everywhere. What you do is what you ARE. I will say that again. What you DO is what you ARE. When folks are looking. When folks are not looking. Your actions, all of them, reflect what is really in your heart. They show the true YOU. Think on that one for awhile. Who are you really? And is that person one who, by all biblical accounts and definitions, truthfully say they are genuinely saved? If what you do does not line up with what you say or claim…then no, you are not. Period. No question. Do not be deceived any longer.~AGM†

“Tim reproves those in the church who are poorly representing Christ on Facebook. The root issue obviously isn’t the Facebook account, it’s the person, it’s their heart and that’s being expressed by ones Facebook. Proverbs 20:11 says – Even a child makes himself known by his acts, by whether his conduct is pure and upright. – After looking at this verse one cannot say “My actions do not show who I truly am.” The verse clearly states that you make yourself known by your actions….”

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Bonus Round….

Pastor Paul Washer speaking about wasting your life. I would add…get off the internet and be a man. Love and lead your family. Stop indulging your own flesh. If you claim Christ, then be a man as He defines a man of God. If you cannot, then stop claiming Christ. I can tell you first hand  from seeing the effects how extremely detrimental this can be to a man….it eventually will destroy him. ~AGM†

“Do not waste your life messing around on social media sites and useless things. Make your life count! Make your death count! Do not waste it on things that will be wood, hay and stubble on judgement day. There are thousands of souls perishing every single day. There is so much work to be done for God’s Kingdom….”

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The heart is an idol factory, and what you do show what you worship, and it is usually self above God. That is breaking every commandment by breaking the first. In most cases, willfully. No Christian does that, according to the bible. (See I John, for example) CONDEMNED is your eternal status. Do not trifle with God. Please.