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I’ve been thinking about this lately and God gave me an excellent view of just what happens when we sin, ignore it, sin, ignore it, sin…and ultimately after ignoring (or rationalizing) it for long enough, cannot recognize it anymore because we have so hardened our hearts and dulled our consciences that it doesn’t even register anymore. This would be the fruit of unrepentance…and precisely what is is comprised of and what it truly is….utterly disgusting, bileous, stinking, sewage rot sin. And while we may be unable to hear any alarm of it, it is a stench in God’s nostrils, and in the nostrils of all it touches….

In the place that we work and live, there have been some ongoing problems with the sewer. The alarm that signals an abundance of, um, fullness of sewage, keeps going off.

There is a pump in the septic tank that keeps the level of sewage water down to the level it is supposed to be at. Which is a low level. The septic tank has been looked at, considered, reconsidered. The alarm has been turned back on, turned back off, left for a bit until it goes off again…finally to be turned off because it keeps tripping. 

Now, it cannot be turned back on without an instantly ear splitting sound that will not cease. Funny thing alarms.

And so, after having it turned off and ignoring it, the drain to the septic tank was checked. Seems is isn’t draining and the septic tank is full to overflowing because the pump doesn’t work. Did we see that? No, it is underground. Although sometimes there seemed to be a slight “whiff” in the air, soon dissipating, for the most part there was no evidence. Until the lid was lifted. And then all that stenchy water was known in all it’s unglory. So, why did we have to finally turn off the alarm? Simple. The pump is broken. 

So while the alarm has been turned off, it has been filling, and filling, and…well you get the idea. We need a new pump.

Sin and repentance is quite like our sewer problems. God has given us a conscience as an alarm and the command to repent as a sort of “pump”. What happens when we turn off that alarm? What exactly do we fill up with? Stinking refuse that God says is SIN. Y’know, when we are exposed to a smell for long enough, we do not smell it anymore. People who walk up to it do, but us…our noses get used to the olfactory assault. So there we are…no alarm, noses acclimated, sin filling up….Is this the way a twice born person is to be living? (If you’re not sure, I have a link for you http://www.whatifimpretending.com/ ).

We always tend to think that since we profess Christ we appear as little “godly” flowers to God and to those in our lives….God says when we sin and do not truly repent of it we stink to high heaven. Those who are touched by our sin say that as well. Who’s right? Well certainly not the one who’s senses have been willfully dulled. So if someone tells you that you are still wallowing in your stinking filth of sin, you just may want to pay attention. There is an alarm that should have been heeded.

Only those who wash their robes will be at the banquet table. He tells us to confess our sins to one another. You can’t do that if you have dulled your conscience through sinning and ignoring it, finally so seared that you cannot recognize when you sin anymore. This is not an indication of rebirth. It is an indication of “religious” unregeneration. Having a form of spirituality and yet denying it’s power. Of cleaning the outside of the cup while the inside remains a specimen of debauched filth.

Listen, God will not allow your filth. He will, however, give you a brand new pump so you can keep the alarm in it’s proper use….always on, and your soul emptied of your sinful refuse. But is has to be HIS way. Repent as He defines it, and surrender to the biblical Christ as Lord and DO what He says in His word. It is the only way to live cleanly in this world, for His glory.  One way or the other,

Better start bailing before you drown….

dumping sewage