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The Rev. Andrew Bonar, commenting on Leviticus 23.26-32:

2012 Photo Contest - Landscape Category (7944765998)Sorrow for sin seems to be like the rough sand that a man uses to rub off rust from iron; sorrow searches and rubs sore on the soul, but at the same time effectually removes what cleaved to the soul before. The vessel is thus rinsed of the flavor of former wines, and left quite clean for the new wine of the kingdom. Sorrow does not take away the sin, but it takes away the taste for it, and the pleasant taste of it; it does not empty out the vessel, but frees the emptied vessel (the pardoned soul) from the former relish it had for earth. It is thus that the Lord’s children pass through fire and water to the wealthy place. For this reason it is that their souls are tried with spiritual griefs and outward tribulation. It makes the joy of the Lord the fuller and sweeter to them. The evening of the day [of Atonement], or rather, the afternoon of it, bathed their souls in the refreshment of pardon and assured acceptance. And is not this also a preparation for the joy of the kingdom? It is by these beginnings that the heart is tuned for the day of universal gladness at the Lord’s appearing; By these beginnings are their souls fashioned into the feelings of heaven.

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