1. Mental distress.

2. Humility and self-abasement.

3. Confession without attempt at excuses.

4. Earnest seeking of Divine forgiveness.

5. Resolute putting away of the evil.

6. Keen watchfulness over the circumstances that involve temptation to the sin.

7. And an attitude of simple and unquestioning obedience to the will of God, and submission to whatever judgments on the sin it may please him to appoint.

“Sorrow has done its work when it deters from evil. In the sorrow of the world the obliquity of the heart towards evil is not cured; it seems as if nothing cured it; heartache and trials come in vain; the history of life at last is what it was at first. Sorrow avails only when the past is converted into experience, and from failure lessons are learned which never are to be forgotten.” RT


There is a clear distinction between worldly sorrow which is self seeking relief from some feelings of guilt, and genuine repentance, which is as delineated above…..and just as the word of God states….both show. You feeling kinda bad about your sin is a complete disqualifier from true salvation….Do not be weighed and found wanting….you will be left standing outside the gate, still sentenced to eternal Hell. Quite a price to pay for loving sin and self above the One who Created you and offers you the only way to Him as Father, and not as righteous Judge, don’t you think? Do not love your sin unto death.

How will you know that you aren’t? When your entire life and how you live it changes so dramatically, that you will not have to try to convince anyone, especially those close to you who really see your fruit, that you have been regenerated. But that only comes from genuine, devastating repentance and surrender to Christ as Lord….not just a placebo to try to hide your guilt behind and/or to make you feel better about yourself. When asked “What must I do to be saved?”, Jesus replied “Repent and believe”. Not true repentance equals not true belief either. Just a cheap grace supplied through a savior made up to serve self. Are you fooling yourself? You are not fooling God. Fruit of repentance, good or bad, shows to all, if held up to the word of God. Ans shall not go unrewarded. ~AGM†


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