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Thanks Beck. ❤ I found this especially convicting. If anyone needs me, I’ll be in the repentance corner….. 😦

“Christian love does not undervalue or disregard natural family ties; it gives them their due importance and condemns those who are without natural affection.” – David Hiebert

“It is so burdensome to me when I want to preach about something like love because it forces me, when I look at the text, to look at the mirror of my own life and see how small my love, how inconstant my love truly is.” – Paul Washer

This seems to only be found on I’ll Be Honest, home of many excellent resources:

In this brief excerpt Paul gives some brief thoughts on loving our lost family members.



For other great Paul Washer videos on I’ll Be Honest, see link below. Such a great Pastor. 🙂