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“So since we do not deal with what it means to truly be converted, since we do not preach a gospel that is strong, that is the power of God unto salvation, most people in the church are not converted. Then what do we do? We recognize that the people in the church by and large are ungodly but instead of going back to the root of the problem that they are unconverted and they don’t know the Lord, we heap discipleship plan after discipleship plan upon them. But it’s never enough to make them live like sheep because in their very nature, they’re not sheep. Discipleship does not have the power, [youth] conferences do not have the power to make a goat live like a sheep. For a goat to live like a sheep, his very nature has to be changed into a sheep.”
~Paul Washer, The Gospel: The Power of God

Are you a false convert?

So many ‘Christians’ think they’re saved when in fact they’re NOT! I totally related to the testimony of Charo Washer because for many years I thought I was saved too when in fact I was NOT !! I heard how saved people lived, I read the bible for a time, I went to church for a time, I knew the Christianese, I agreed with scripture (I didn’t apply it to me, however. Well, not the hard parts…), I sang in church and I “looked” good when I was there, Some Christian songs and hymns made me cry (vain sentimentality) but I was still dead and didn’t know it.  I was blind. Blind folks cannot see even if all the lights are turned on and pointed at them…you still cannot illuminate the darkness that is really there. Enliven the eyes that are dead to God’s truth. Cause the dull heart of an unbeliever to beat with the Spirit of the Living God. No, we cannot make the dead walk, the blind to see.

We can, however, challenge a fruitless professing. We can hold vain professors to the word they have no part of in reality. Perhaps God will use the contradiction between their lip service and who they really service with each dying breath to convict their consciences, to break their hardened hearts. We can shout, but the deaf do not hear. We can speak scripture into a deaf ear, a sin hardened heart, and perhaps God will see fit to use that to open deaf ears. And the thing is this: The Church should be doing that! Don’t take every profession as true. The majority of folks who call themselves Christians have never even come close to being genuinely regenerated. Statistics prove that out. Watching them proves that out. We should be confronting “Christians” who live like Hell the majority of the time. Who practice wickedness and deceit. Who may have repeated a “prayer” at one time, and gotten a bit of emotional *PING* from that, but who, when actual biblical standards, fruit, walking were expected, simply repeated the lie to themselves that they had “done that”, and went on their merry, church infiltrating way. We need to confront people. We need to KNOW “What are you really like, outside of the view of the church you attend, away from the Christians you know…what are you really living? And the thing is, we are told by the word of God to do that.

We can prompt people to think. THINK! Think about your real life as opposed to what it should be according to the word. THINK! Yes, we can do those things, and Paul Washer is correct in his statement. But only God can make the blind to see. Did I think much about honoring the Lord then? No. did I think of how my sinning angered and grieved Him? No. Did I think about my sin at all, really? No. I thought about the world. I thought about me. I thought about my work. I thought about things I wanted to do. I thought about things I shall not state, they are so repugnant now.

Sadly, even back then no one confronted me and made certain I was not clinging to a false belief. Not a pastor. Not a Christian friend (granted I mostly hung with those I was comfortable with, the perishing). I got flack from a family member for “being a Christian” and that was enough to make me think I was one.(Never take the flack of the lost who know nothing of what it really means to be reborn as a sign of anything other than their own desperate need for salvation) Finally, God confronted me in a BIG way. He snatched me from the impending flames of Hell before I was so lost in delusion and depravity that who knows what may have happened to me if He had not? Well, He knows. 

And now that I am saved I can see the ugly, garage sale “free bag” plastic fruit of my old false profession, as I lived like the world, thought like the world, and was neck deep in new age paganism. But real fruit of regeneration…objective fruit of it…Zero. Zip. Nada. I would be so offended when someone gave me the gospel, like…”What you think I’m not saved?? How dare you.” Of course they thought I was not saved…I looked and acted JUST like the world, because, in fact, I was OF the world. I was still perishing, and pridefully, comfortably on my way to everlasting Hell. I was listening to my own appraisal of myself. I was listening to the father of all lies who did not want to let me go. I was spiraling down in ever increasing depravity, some of which I am still paying for to this day, the results of decisions made back then. But for the grace of God…He saved me. And I will never know why. I know without a doubt that I brought nothing but my own sin to the table. Nothing but my own sin. MUCH sin. And He saved me. I may not know why He has chosen me from before the foundation of the world, but I am so eternally grateful.

Please don’t be like I was…don’t be an utter fool, lost in their own self confidence of some kind of “choice” that God has not yet drawn you to make. You may not see it, but to those of us who are no longer perishing, it shows. And you have the smell of  death. We (Christ’s Body) want you to live. But more than that…God can MAKE you ALIVE. And NEW. With a new heart and with new desires. And with an utter hatred for your sin. And with a love for Him that is almost impossible to put into words and capture the intensity of it. God alone can save you….But it has to be on His terms, and His terms alone. Through the biblical Christ alone. You bring all your stinking, putrid, rotting, wormy sin that so easily keeps you in it’s bondage. Bring ALL of it. And if you are genuine, sincere, and broken over what is an abomination in His sight (your bags of rotting true sin nature and all your putrefying sins, which is YOU in reality), you can leave it there with Jesus Christ, and kneeling down before Him (one day every knee will bow), He will give you a new heart, new desires (HIS desires) and such a love for Him that you will never want to go back to that vomit again. You will have to swallow your pride with a lot of people you falsely professed to, perhaps, but that’s good. Pride goes before destruction. Good time as any to learn to crucify it. OR…Or, you can keep on walking down that wide road to destruction. But know what road you are really on. Those who belong to Him know what road that is. In truth.~AGM†

Listen to Charo’s glorious testimony below:

After serving for 12 years as a missionary the Lord shed His grace on Charo and saved her soul in 2004. She was hearing her husband, Paul Washer, preach on examining yourself. She came to realize, you either pass the tests in 1 John or you fail them, there is no middle ground.

John 8:31, 32…So Jesus was saying to those Jews who had believed Him, “If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”…

This does not mean continue to read His word, it means continue to walk in it and obey Him. Just sayin. Any fool can read the bible. The biggest fool reads it and then walks back into the world.

grace right to sin