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This came to me at a time when I really, I mean REALLY needed it (thank you Tammy)…I am including both the Sermon Audio link, and the link to the PDF transcript. If you listen to or read nothing else I post here…let it be this one. The truth spoken, about God’s love, Pastor Washers love for his wife compared to God’s love for His own….

This sermon is about an hour long, the transcript is long as well, although a quick read….but don’t rush through it…take it all in. Do you want God to make time for you? Do you want Him to relish your company? He does. Do you take time with Him? Do you relish His company? Take the time. Seek the Lord while He may be found.~AGM†

Excerpt: “You put yourself in so many dangerous places. You put your eyes on so many dangerous things. You open up your ears to so many things that can hurt you terribly, he is calling you away from that. You have got to understand something. When God calls us away from sin it is not like a prison guard or a task master or a cold, vile school marm who wants to break us in half and make us disciplined to a rule. No, it is a father calling a child away from the edge of a cliff. It is a lover calling his love away from lust that can destroy and rape and pillage and do harm that cannot be undone. It is a voice of love. It is broken. It is cracking. It is saying, “Come, stay away from that. Get away from that. Please get away from that. Don’t take another step. Come back.”
There are so many things out there that want to destroy you and can destroy you and he is calling you away from them. He has given you his Word as a means of discerning that which is evil so that you would run from it like the plague and discerning that which is good, so that you would cleave to it like a lover. His Word has not been set upon you just to drive you in the ground or make you some type of slave that knows nothing of a personal relationship. His Word has been given to you to save you and to bring you joy and to bring you in communion with him. And it is so important that you discern that Word….”

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May the Lord be your first Love, and in that, may you know that He loves you more than you can comprehend. The cross proved that…but His love doesn’t end there. Not by a long shot. ❤

“…sometimes believers do not hear enough something that is clear throughout all of Scripture and it is found in these verses right here. “You are altogether beautiful, my darling, And there is no blemish in you.”3Because the one who has saved you has made you this way. He has declared you to be like this. He shed his blood for you.
If you are a Christian here tonight and you are struggling against sin and you desire
passionately to please Christ and be a blessing to him and you mourn so often when you look in the mirror and you see all the ways in which you come short, sometimes you need to hear this, that when he looks at you he sees no blemish because he himself has put away your blemishes with his own scars, with his own wounds, with the wrath of God that he took on that cross in your place….”