TRUTH: If people cannot see a night and day difference in you, in your life, in how you act, think, EVERYTHING….you are deceived. You are not saved. Period. Jesus NEVER leaves a sinner as He found them. And you can talk all you like…but it is what is actually objectively demonstrated and lived…and is so utterly clear, you should not have to tell people, they WILL see it. “You WILL know them by their fruit”~Jesus. Your fruit cannot be hidden…good or bad….it shows. Don’t fool yourself. No one else who knows Christ is really fooled, not for long. Your true fruit, it shows clearly. Wouldn’t the devil love it if you refused to believe this truth? Yes, yes he would.

David Platt discusses why many Christians are deceived.

He says, “Everything would be different in these mens lives, because this encounter with Jesus—everything! Which is why we know that people who profess to be Christians, but who’s lives look just like the rest of the world are deceived. All kinds of people who supposedly made a decision—prayed a prayer, signed a card, walked an aisle, accepted Jesus into their heart—but their lives don’t look any different. They say they’re a Christian, but the reality is they don’t know this Christ. Because when you know this Christ, everything begins to change in your life. I heard one preacher put it this way: Imagine I got here late this morning…then all of sudden I come running out on the stage and I say, ‘I’m sorry I’m here late…I was driving over here on the interstate and I got a flat tire and got out and fixed the flat tire, but I accidentally stepped out into the middle of the interstate and this Mac Truck hit me head on. And it hurt, but I got up, finished fixing the tire and got back in the car and drove here. So, I apologize for being late.’ If this was the story I told you, you would know one of two things: 1. I’m lying 2. I’m very deceived. And you know that, because when somebody gets hit by a Mac Truck, they look different than they did before.
Based on that reality, I’m pretty sure I’m on safe ground in saying when a person comes face-to-face with God in flesh the Savior King and Sovereign Lord and He reached down into your heart and saves you from the clutches of sin and self you’re going to look different. You’re going to look really different. Everything changes when you follow this King!”