This is a hard truth but one that needs to be stated many times, as eternity is at stake. And God knows you have a false god, and so do those in your life who see you and watch you daily. It is a pitiful thing to see a professor profess but to objectively have absolutely no power of the Holy Spirit in their life…may it be as pitiful to the false professors and may God draw them soundly to Himself, on HIS terms, in genuine repentance and surrender to the Biblical Christ as MASTER, and not a paper thin version of savior from hell that can do nothing to save, and what is (foundationally)actually a hatred for the real God and His truth, and a rejection of the grace they like to try to claim. Time is running out.~AGM†


Ephesians 2

8 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:

9 Not of works, lest any man should boast.

Do you believe this? o you believe that salvation is free to you and you do not have to earn it?

Too many times have I given someone something and they feel compelled to give me something back to even the score. People feel they need to earn their gift. Or at least give something in return to balance out the scales.

This too is the same with salvation. We feel guilty about accepting a free gift, and so we have to earn it–somehow.

The whole idea of a free gift from God seems to compel us to refuse it unless we can pay for it. Hence the reason why Lordship salvation is so fought against. It’s amazing to watch “Christians” fight one another online and in churches over this subject. We must do something, earn something or prove something in order to be accepted.

640px-Prisonlabor1Christ Jesus did the work. The work was good enough and God is eternally satisfied.

Do you accept this?

Has this reality been settled within you? If not, then my dear friend, you are not saved.

You can’t be. The reason being is because your works are as filthy rags in God’s eyes. Your works do nothing to impress a holy God. He could care less about them.

Your works are as dung in His eyes, as is any confession you might make. Any sinner’s prayers, recommitments, fasting or works mean absolutely nothing to God. You might as well put a bunch of dog doo in a box, wrap it up with greasy paper, tie it with a length of barbed wire and give it to Him as a present with dirty hands.

Not exactly something that will bring a smile to His face, is it?

God is happy and satisfied, but ONLY through one work. Not yours–but Christ’s.

Christ did the work, died, rose from the dead and ascended into heaven…and the requirement was satisfied. Christ cried out for all of eternity to hear–IT IS FINISHED! And the devil and all of hell shook with fear.

Will you sully this gift with your pathetic attempts to add to His work? Will you declare that without your efforts, salvation will not have enough power to save you?

This mystery of salvation only affects those who are ordained for saving. Otherwise, those who are predetermined for damnation will never get it. This mystery cannot be understood by anyone but a Christian. We do not work to earn or keep our salvation, but work to thank God for saving us. I cannot earn my way into heaven anymore than a worm can earn its way into being one of my children.

I was that worm, and only through God passing by and seeing me struggling in the grass, being scorched by the sun of my sin, did He reach down and pick me up and save me from my certain death. God saved me. I never could have saved myself.

Through humility, submission and the power of the Holy Spirit to be able to humble oneself and submit…God reached down and instilled within me the eternal gift of salvation.

I was only a vessel made ready by the Holy Spirit.

How do you see yourself? This is vitally important to salvation. One must be broken and removed from the false security of pride and confidence in self in order to be saved. One must be pulled from his perch or pedestal and brought low. One must be stripped of all anchors and securities.

Pride will buck at this. Arrogance will resist. Sin will muster the troops. This is why a biblically saved Christian cannot be proud or arrogant, but lowly and meek and humble.  This why a sinner must be broken and brought to the end of himself. This why the pillars of his security in self must be brought down.

Then God will save you…


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