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My husband and I were listening to this in the car today, and I thought…this is such a great encouragement to share with you all…and so I’m doing it…if you are in biblically in Christ, you are a sinner saved by grace. Is there anything in this world more important or more excruciatingly wonderful than that truth? (Nope…nuthin) 🙂 I hope this blesses your heart as much as it blessed ours today. For those who have genuinely repented of their sins against a holy God, our Creator, and surrendered to Christ as Lord… ❤




(If you have not biblically been saved…and by that I mean not just a prayer, an aisle walk and a pat on the back so your life will “be better” and you can be a “better person” or anything less than true repentance and surrender to Christ…this link is for you. Hopefully, next time this kind of song will be for you as well.)