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I find it a bit heartbreaking that so many people are now into “Street Preaching”. Not that it is a bad thing, indeed, it can be a very good thing…but it has become a new badge, a new “Thing to do to be right in evangelism”…and in the case of women standing in the street preaching like men…it is not obedient to what God says women are to refrain from. We are told to teach younger women…and that does include witnessing to them, but in a different venue. There are plenty of Evangie sites that insist that it is okay to use women in this….Really? There are NO examples of women in scripture, standing out in the courtyards, preaching the gospel, and no one has been able to offer accurate support of that from scripture…which should tell us something, now shouldn’t it? Yes, it is the “IN” thing to be doing…but are we seeking to be “IN” the IN crowd, or are we seeking to obey our Father in Heaven? Do we seek to please sites like WOTM (who are right in teaching the full Gospel, but wrong in enlisting women as public shills for it). Yes, they will try to cite Priscilla and Aquila (who brought the man into their home and explained the gospel rightly to him….and I’m sure she helped her husband do that…in their home. Which was a meeting place for believers…still does not say she was preaching in public, so let’s stop reading what one would like INTO what it never says in scripture). They will cite Deborah….um…a judge in the OT…not a preacher of anything. Apples and oranges, folks. Context may be good to look at. They will even try to cite Mary and Martha….going so far out on a limb as to say that their running to the disciples and telling them that Jesus was risen was “evangelism”….it was not. Context again….they were Christ’s disciples…HE had already evangelized them….the women simply sought them because they were astounded and happy….hello.Truth is that, in context and application, there is not one woman shown through scripture who stood on street corners preaching. And why not? Well, no doubt because God has said through Paul that women are not to preach. Not to the public, not to men, not on streets with mics and boxes to stand on while they preach and debate with the lost. Not one REAL example. So, bottom line is this…..

Men…get out there…preach your hearts out. Women…we can find lost women EVERYWHERE…go talk to them one on one…off the street….for to disobey God, even if it is a good activity, is still disobedience…and women are not to act like men. Period.

YES…we can fulfill His Commission…but we have to do it like women who have clearly stated boundaries by God himself….and the thing that is really bothering me is that men who use Street witnessing are also using women in it…and it has become a source of pride and a form of idolotry for both….and that is dead wrong.

God tells us women not to be spouting off in church, not to teach men, not to do many things…that we are usurping men’s position of authority when we go against that…Who were the women that the Lord told to go out and preach the Gospel when He gave His Commission? Or was he talking to men? Do you think that it was merely an oversight by Jesus NOT to have women included in that group? That, doggone it….He just forgot to get some women there, but he meant we should go out and stand on the streets too…if only He was not so forgetful? NO. There is a reason He was speaking to a group of men…because men are the ones in authority and who go out and speak publicly in streets…but we…we are told to teach other women….that is, by the very example given in scripture, a different venue. And it is just as good a venue…it is just a different venue. (Ah…the horrors of women’s ‘lib’ that have so permeated the minds of the church…women can do whatever men do…blah blah blah).

So, to the men who insist that women are told to do the same as they do, in this kind of evangelism…you are helping the weaker sex disobey our Father…and to the women who insist that they can do what men do…you are behaving just like daughters of Eve…and both are in error.

Men…take your places…go preach the Gospel on the streets boldly, IF that is WHERE God (and only GOD) has called you to witness. (You know…it may be popular and it make a lot of money for the most popular evangelism ministry, but not everyone has to stand in the street…just sayin…)

And women…obey the word! Your place is not in the forefront…standing on the street like some evangelical whore…for only whores call out on the street…but your place is in supporting your husband as he goes out, if that is his venue, and in teaching the younger women to be godly, in giving young women the Gospel, in raising godly children….do the job that God has created you for and clearly given you to do. You are not a man. You are a woman….be God’s woman. One on one…no spotlights….no public displays….like a godly woman who simply obeys her Father.

©AGM 2011

This was first published on May 27, 2011, after much debate with a man from Living Waters, among others, who refused to even consider that what I am saying here is true and valid. Many who debated had much at stake in their own evangelism….having even their own daughters out on the streets with them, as well as LW teaching that women are okay to do this, as they take their money to learn how to (um, have an issue with that LW) so there are many issues going on there that may have prevented them from really wanting to see or hear why it is wrong for them to do so. That said….it seems like a repost is timely. There is nothing from any author that has changed my mind about how I read the counsel of God or what He means. And man made exceptions and scripture stretches do nothing to make Him say what he clearly has not in His word. So, I’m sure this may be a bit “controversial”….but I feel that with all the hoopla over one man’s recent article insisting that woman are okay to be street preachers (having a vested interest in that himself, I have to say), what scripture says without adding to or subtracting from it really has to be said. At least, I have to say it. And it looks like I just did. May God convict the hearts of those who wish He had really said otherwise, and may women be content to be women as God calls us to be and as HE defines godly womanhood and biblical submission. SDG!~AGM†

*UPDATE! This is the guy I referred to above. For the record, he has repented of teaching women to preach on the street. I, for one, am impressed both by his humility to do that, and encouraged, as I have continued to stand God’s ground on this issue.

“One of the reasons I have written this book (Should She Preach – Biblical Evangelism for Women), is to apologize to folks like you, and the hundreds of women I have personally trained and/or encouraged to open-air preach. It would be an outright cowardly breach of integrity and faith for me to study the word of God, realize what I had taught for years was wrong, and then do nothing to correct. I loved my sisters in Christ when I encouraged them to do that which was contrary to the word of God–women open-air preaching. And now I must love them even more to confess I was wrong, repent,  and try to undo what I have done. 

If realizing I was wrong, confessing the wrong, repenting of the wrong, and encouraging others to do the same costs me in any way, personally, then I welcome the cost, whatever it may be. I HAD to write this book (Jeff). To not write the book would have been an egregious sin against my Lord and about the most UNloving thing I could ever do to my sisters in Christ.”~Tony Miano

God bless you Sir! Thank You LORD. ~AGM†

*Disclaimer…I am not endorsing Tony Miano, I am simply updating the final outcome of his biblical determination and glad to see that we are finally in agreement on this issue, and that he no longer has his daughters out street preaching. 🙂