This is for those who are truly in Christ…reborn…not through some “Jesus into my heart” nonsense (found nowhere in scripture) or by reciting the “salvation incantation” and walking the aisle or filling out a card…no…this is for those who have seen their sin as God sees it…stinking and rotten and unholy and horrid, and who call it what it is, SIN, and who call themselves what God does…SINNERS…who have really repented (not just “turning away from it” but a full 180 turn around and not living anything as before, or “feeling” bad about doing some vague bad stuff or for their “mistakes”, etc)… 

This video is for the chosen of God. Reborn and redeemed through the blood of Christ. Those who still do sin and who HATE that they do. Those who never want to sin against their Lord ever again and who fight their flesh (even though sometimes the flesh wins) as they seek His face and learn to obey their First Love.

THIS is the truth of what our blessed Lord does for us, and how we are seen by God through Him. ♥




THIS…is for the rest of you….AGM†