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With the recent release of the Babies Are Murdered Here documentary and in light of some personal discussions that I have been having with some activists lately, I thought it would be good to address, again, the topic of ‘ministries’ and activists who are not under the covering and authority of a local church.
In recent years there has been a great rise in independent “pro-life” speakers and political activists, who speak out against abortion. These people typically work through politics, gradualist legislation, and quiet prayer, in hopes of ending abortion. They go to the clinics, at times, but almost never engage the mothers.

Another group has risen as well. A more radical group, known now as “abolitionists”(Abolish Human Abortion): independent evangelists who have headed out to the abortion clinics to preach repentance and faith in Christ. These folks have abandoned the moderate approach of the pro-life crowd, and have instead taken the fight to the mills, pleading with mothers to turn from their wickedness, to trust in Christ, and to spare the life of their unborn child. They, rightly, use the gospel of Christ to change hearts and minds.
And so you have these two group. You have pro-life activists lobbying government groups, and silently praying for the abortion mills on one side (the ’40 days for Life’ campaign), while on the “other side” more radical individuals lift up their voice to speak to the mothers who would seek the services of white coated assassins. One group is reserved, while the other is outspoken. Very different approaches, to be sure, but they have one thing in common; neither group is under the authority of, accountable to, or sent out from the local church. Not good, but at least they are doing something, right?
Wrong. They are a part of the problem.
See, as much as you might be cheering at the rise in pro-life activism and/or applauding rogue ‘evangelists’ who have gotten sick of the apathy in the local church and abandoned it for personal ministry at the mill (or in some cases, turned their ire upon that same church), these individuals are contributing to the murder of infants. Both of these groups help to cause a disunity, disjointedness, and general ill will among forces that should be united in the protection of the unborn. By rejecting the Church, the Bride of Christ, they reject the one thing, the ONLY thing, that can once and for all put a stop to abortion. The Gospel of Christ being sent FROM the local church.
Think about this; the people who stand at the abortion clinics, and witness to, plead with, or pray for those who enter, are leveling an attack against the gates of hell. Who has the power to assault the gates of hell? Rogue evangelists? Politicians? Catholic nuns? No, the CHURCH was given that power; in Matthew 16:18  Jesus said, “I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”
Consider: The people who stand at the abortion clinics, and witness to, plead with, or pray for those who enter, are claiming to have the authority to do so. But they do not. Only the BRIDE of CHRIST has the authority. Rogue evangelists who reject the authority of the local church, and insist on having things their own way, are like Diotrephes (3 John 1:9), selfish, puffed up, and rejecting authority.
Worst of all: Many of these groups have actually turned their attacks against the local church. In so doing, they are not only aiding the enemy they are attacking Christ’s Bride. Husbands, how would you react if someone, another man, confronted your bride? Assaulted her? Would you high five him for his excellent right cross, and say, “Yeah, she probably deserved it?” I think not. Make no mistake; the wrath of Christ, the husband, BURNS against those who would attack His Bride.
Conclusion: This is a matter of power and of authority. The pro-life movement, and these rogue evangelists, (such as AHA), have no POWER, and no AUTHORITY to attack the ungodly culture. They certainly do not have the authority to attack Christ’s bride. They are like gorilla fighters who, in their incompetence and rejection of authority, keep bombing friendly troops. They divide, they damage, and they set back the anti-abortion movement as a whole. Parachurch ministries, unequally yoked political movements, and Roman Catholic prayer vigils pull regenerate, Bible believing Christians awayfrom the Church, and in so doing they aid the enemy.
Do we need people preaching the gospel at the mill? YES! Do we need people praying for a change of heart for the murderous mothers who would enter a mill? YES! Do we need to encourage apathetic churches to get involved? YES! But all of these things, ALL of these, MUST come from the authority that Christ has established. Such ministries MUST be sent OUT from the Bride of Christ.

The Local Church.

P.S. Even the Great Apostle Paul was sent out from a local church!