Babies Are Murdered Here, is the new controversial pro-life documentary that examines the truth about abortion and the single biggest failure of the pro-life movement, not calling abortion what it really is…Murder. I had originally posted the documentary here, but I pulled it in lieu of the truth of those who made it and who are promoting it. I pray you will take heed. There is ONE way to evangelize…GOD’S way as found in His word. You MUST be under the authority of your church and your elders, and if not, stay home for you are out of scriptural bounds, and only serving yourself and your own pride. That said…These are the people who are using your emotions against you in a very emotional issue…dead babies. I am not saying to not evangelize abortion clinics…I am saying that they are NOT the only place where people are perishing, and as in any evangelism, you MUST do it scripturally. Under the authority of your church and elders, one on one (and if you cannot do those two things to start, do not do it at all), and leave the signs at home…they do not evangelize nor give the gospel nor point ANYONE to Christ, they only draw attention to you. ~AGM


Today, we will tackle the Domionist/Reconstructionist theology that is behind so much of the abortion ministries around. As with any lie, it is subtle, and contains enough truth that it is difficult to spot. If you will note…these proponents spend no time outside of gay bars, etc. to proclaim the gospel. I think that is very telling. Since I see so many of you quoting some of these people, and they have gotten you so stirred up about babies to the exclusion of other types of lost sinners (babies are a VERY emotional issue and well used), I beg you to heed the warnings and information I am going to post. while it is true that abortion is a horror, SIN is a horror and there is much of it in this world….most will not stir your passions nor cause such a feeling of urgency as abortion, but sin and sinners are still out there in ALL facets of life, all venues….and you, my friends are being led about by your emotions instead of the word of God and the calling of true evangelism. That said…let’s start here: *I have no problem calling abortion murder, nor do I have a problem pointing to sin, the law, and the Gospel. What concerns me is the Reconstructionist/Dominionist idea that they have to take this world back for Christ….which includes populating the world and raising up children with these SAME beliefs. You see, they don’t really care about the sinful woman on her way to kill her baby, nor do they really care about the baby. They only want to push their own ‘agenda’. This is why they attack the women who kill their babies, yelling at them that they are murdering their children. Yes, they are; but they also need to know of Christ and His atoning work. They don’t need to be yelled at, through bullhorns. They don’t need to see pictures of aborted babies, that is too much like Fred Phelps. Gary DeMar once worked alongside the NAR Dominionists in their formative years as they together built the Coalition on Revival organization for Dominionist action on earth, starting with the American political scene. Also, that DeMar was on the Editorial Committee, and this group issued seventeen “sphere” documents that parallel the NAR’s 7 mountains. Not Biblical to say the least. Demar is also a partial preterist: This states who these people are very clearly: It’s also relying on shock value to have an affect, rather than relying on the Gospel to change the heart. RC Jr. is a reconstructionist/domionionist himself, believing women are here to churn out babies non-stop. These women need to be spoken to just as Christ did, with love and humility. They are in sin, yes; but screaming at them is not the way to handle it. I don’t find any examples of Christ or the Apostles screaming at sinners in the Bible, nor do I find them singling out any certain sins, using bullhorns or holding up hysterically emotional signs and signs with slaughtered fetal parts for shock value. We are not going to stop abortion until it is addressed in the power of the Spirit relying on Him, and the Gospel rightly given. Just because somebody preaches the Gospel, does NOT mean God is behind it. I am asking you to be very careful in having any involvement with this reconstructionist movement. It is a very subtle movement, and it uses abortion as a disguise to further its agenda. Why don’t the main players here (and others) stand in front of gay bars and proclaim the Gospel? Why don’t they go to the inner cities of America, to the drug houses, and preach Christ? It’s always the abortion clinics…The others do not pull so violently at your emotions. Bob DeWaay wrote a good article on this movement at I know you understand that false religions mix just enough truth with their error to be perceived as ‘legit’. I only pray you will be careful, and that God protects us from all that calls itself ‘Christian’. For more info on this movement and some of the names involved, also see… This is from Crown Rights Media’s website, under the tab ‘about’ – The Mission of is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and edify the believer by creating high quality productions centered on building, RESTORING AND ESTABLISHING A CHRIST CENTERED WORLD IN VIEW OF ALL AREAS OF LIFE. (caps highlight, mine) The Vision of is to create films that so thoroughly and exhaustively MAGNIFY THE GLORY OF GOD IN SUCH A WAY THE NATIONS REPENT AND COME UNDER HIS AUTHORITY. (cap highlights, mine) Here’s a brief writing on this movement – I want you to be aware of this recon/dom movement. It time, all the ‘links in the chain’ will connect. I’m sure this may create a firestorm of protests about how it cannot be so…but it is so. And as a watchman, I have done my best to warn you. I pray that you will take heed and truly glorify God by seeking to avoid heretical doctrine that goes against His word….so well used in the “Abortion Ministry” industry. Instead of being led by your emotions regarding the issue (soon followed by your pride in what you believe you are “doing”)…be led by the whole counsel of God as found in His word, and do not join to what is antithetical to that. And as far as all these abortion “ministries”, they would do well to 1)Remember that! and 2) know who is jerking their emotional chains and manipulating them into doing Dominionist/Reconstructionist’s agenda FOR them….they are drinking water with that one deadly drop of arsenic in it, and happily because it makes them “feel” like they are risking themselves and being noble and oh my goodness…saving lives! When people all about them are perishing and they stand with stupid signs, promoted by men who make a pretty penny off them and play their heartstrings like puppets…yelling (something Jesus never demonstrated, nor do we see that elsewhere in the New testament as our example) and drawing attention to themselves in it instead of attention to CHRIST, who they pretend it is all about. Now, yes, get out there and evangelize gay bars, bars, massage parlors, stores, neighborhoods (you get the drift)….if your burden for the lost is so great…but you must do it biblically. Yes, preach the gospel! But do it in accordance with the word of God, in context and application. And watch out…the subtle lies and agenda of the enemy always lays within the truth of the need, misusing the word of God, and playing to feelings instead of faith. And so…the documentary has been removed and I will no longer post anything from anyone associated with it. *Special thanks to Laurie….without you sis, this may have never been brought to light here. SDG! ❤