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Sobering truth, and, if found to be either a rejecter of Christ’s salvation or a counterfeit recipient of it…it is truth that will, please note…WILL apply to you for eternity. This does not have to be. Humble yourself under the grace that God extends to you through the sacrifice of His Son for your putred, selfwilled, stenching sins against a most high and holy God…humble yourself, and truly be saved from His wrath. ❤

jesaja 66:2

(In Deutsch HIER!)                                                                            Don Currin

William C. Nichols said… “Hell is a furnace of unquenchable fire. A place of everlasting punishment. Where it’s victims are tormented in both their bodies and minds. In accordance with their sinful natures, the actual sins committed, and the amount of light that they reject.”  Hell is a place from which God’s wrath Is revealed as a terrifying consuming fire. And men live with unfulfilled lusts and desires in torment forever and ever.

Perhaps you’r sitting there under the gracious influence of God, God is putting conviction in your heart. This is the goodness of God seeking to lead you to repentance and here is what God says you must do to flee from the wrath to come.

Number 1: Be afraid, first of all, because the wrath of God abides on you. 

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