Oh that God would smash the pride that blinds the eyes to the truth of the state of the unredeemed soul…Oh God…break the pride, smash the idols, do what You have to to open the eyes of those blinded by sin and their craven pride, bring them to their knees in utter heart wrenching repentance and save them genuinely! Oh how the god of this world has blinded them, gouging out their eyes with his smooth lies and claws of self centered, sin loving stubborn self assurance. Silence him oh God, and wrench their eyes open to the truth of what they REALLY are in Your sight. No matter how dulled they have made their own consciences, no matter how seared and scarred and dead their consciences may be, make those “dead bones” come to life in Christ. Shake them! Break them beyond any repair but Yours, and make them truly Yours forever. Amen.~AGM†

uncommon faith


This is a very sobering and humbling article to write, as I think about my own life and the lives of so many that are dear to me.  I think of those that I believe have truly been converted.  I marvel at God’s work and how He is the author of salvation.  He does the work … according to the good pleasure of His will, to the praise of the glory of His grace… (Ephesians 1:5-6).

I also consider those, just like I once was that are deceived in their conversion and have a false hope.  They don’t know they have a false hope; they are comfortable in their “christianity” and you can’t convince them otherwise because they are blinded with pride.  They’ve been “good”, they’ve been moral, they’ve gone to church, they know the right people, and they have been properly set up to believe in their hope. …

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