This post is for Mr and Miss Talksalot….all talk but no visible fruit of regeneration. Is that you? No…seriously…IS IT? Or are you the only one who cannot see the truth of your true condition? Because my friend, others can when they really get to know you or ask your family. You are in very real peril of your eternal soul. Stop being a fool. There is no salvation in having faith in faith or in being able to parrot the old dead guys theology or cite scripture. If there is no biblical FRUIT, then the truth is that you are not saved. you have not been reborn. No matter how much you convince yourself that you have. And even if no one else could discern the truth of your condition…God most certainly does. If you were reborn, you would have a right fear of that fact. So for you and for those who know and love and live with or around the “you’s”….this sermon by Paul Washer is solid truth that needs to be heeded.~AGM†

The reason for every trial, every hardship, every rough wind in your life, is to show you your inability, your weakness, and to chase you back to God.