This is a wonderful article from The Narrowing Path….so many lacking in discernment these days, just as the Lord warned would be the case, I am thankful for people like this who take a stand for the truth of scripture, it’s application, keeping it in context, as they warn the brethren and exhort to REALLY KNOW the word of God. Because if you do not…you will definitely reap the consequences. Remember brethren….if possible, even the elect will be fooled. We live in dark and deceiving times….if you are going to stand for the biblical Jesus, you had better know the truth so you will be able to spot error. And you need to be ready for the coming persecution of all those who are followers of The Way, because Jesus has promised we would suffer for His name’s sake, and because it has already begun here in America…and will be increasing more and more. Keep your mind and heart fed with the word of God, and keep standing firm in HIM.~AGM †

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From the (seemingly) tireless team at Stand Up For The Truth, an interview with Warren Smith and links to other excellent articles. Please, take the time to work through these articles – even if it takes a while.

Warren Smith, Amy and Mike of Stand Up For The Truth, and many other faithful witnesses have been warning the church for many years. This isn’t ‘conspiracy’ theorizing, and should be taken very seriously. Persecution of Western Christians has begun, and it is helpful to understand how this is being facilitated. This is an excellent starting point.

Don’t let distracting ‘comparisons’ to countries where persecution is more intense lull you into a false sense of security. The pressure is mounting on Christians, and the open hatred and discrimination is rising towards those who would profess Christ and Him crucified, who claim to be able to know absolute truth, and who refuse to compromise their beliefs (including the inerrancy of Scripture) to appease others.

Having said that, please continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering terribly, in many countries around the world. We must learn to model their faithful witness, so that their faith despite suffering may bring glory to the Almighty God and strengthen our own faith in Him.

New Age: Get ready for what’s coming

New AgeOne of the biggest movements threatening the truth of God’s Word is the New Age, a mystical paradigm that has many different threads. It has permeated the majority of mainline denominations. It is experiential, it is extra-biblical, and it has changed the face of the visible church dramatically.  We’ve been able to report on a fraction of what has happened, but what until you hear what is coming.

Joining us today is a man who knows better than just about anyone the elements of the New Age and how it has crept into the church. These days it doesn’t sneak around anymore; it marches proudly down the center aisle and takes up a seat in the front pew. Warren Smith is an author and speaker who spent two decades as an active, “category 5” New Ager, and he joins us in studio today. Warren is here for the Prophecy Conference in Appleton, Wisconsin and a little later in the show we are going to introduce you to another special guest.

You can check out more articles by Warren Smith, and if you want to hear Warren’s testimony about the New Age, listen to these past podcasts from our archives:

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