This was first published on May 27, 2011, after much debate with a man from Living Waters, among others, who refused to even consider that what I am saying here is true and valid. Many who debated had much at stake in their own evangelism….having even their own daughters out on the streets with them, as well as LW teaching that women are okay to do this, as they take their money to learn how to (um, have an issue with that LW) so there are many issues going on there that may have prevented them from really wanting to see or hear why it is wrong for them to do so. That said….it seems like a repost is timely. There is nothing from any author that has changed my mind about how I read the counsel of God or what He means. And man made exceptions and scripture stretches do nothing to make Him say what he clearly has not in His word. So, I’m sure this may be a bit “controversial”….but I feel that with all the hoopla over one man’s recent book insisting that woman are okay to be street preachers (having a vested interest in that himself, I have to say), what scripture says without adding to or subtracting from it really has to be said. At least, I have to say it. And it looks like I just did. May God convict the hearts of those who wish He had really said otherwise, and may women be content to be women as God calls us to be and as HE defines godly womanhood and biblical submission. SDG!~AGM†


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I find it a bit heartbreaking that so many people are now into “Street Preaching”. Not that it is a bad thing, indeed, it can be a very good thing…but it has become a new badge, a new “Thing to do to be right in evangelism”…and in the case of women standing in the street preaching like men…it is not obedient to what God says women are to refrain from. We are told to teach younger women…and that does include witnessing to them, but in a different venue. There are plenty of Evangie sites that insist that it is okay to use women in this….Really? There are NO examples of women in scripture, standing out in the courtyards, preaching the gospel, and no one has been able to offer accurate support of that from scripture…which should tell us something, now shouldn’t it? Yes, it is the “IN” thing to be…

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