A slight detour from the ongoing topic…but this is important for you to see. If you or anyone else believes that the Mormons are Christians…if this doesn’t clear that lie up for you, then you are simply willfully deceived. Many have no idea of what that group is really all about, many do and don’t care….so for those who truly want to know the truth about the Mormon cult…this reblog is for you! In these days of deception, willing and otherwise, it is imperative that the truth be spoken. Pass this on. May no one be taken in by Satan’s deceitful counterfeit, namely the Mormon “church”…..BTW, extra points for answering this correctly: Just who IS the “Jesus of Latter Day Saints”?? Hint: It is not the Jesus of the Bible, but a man. Please warn others about this cult. It is dire.

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VIDEO by Newnamenoah – the 8 minute video clip. See full film (1 hour 16 min) at the bottom of this post.

An intriguing look at Mormon beliefs that shows that the Church of Latter Day Saints has a whole ‘nother gospel, and it is certainly not the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is pretty uncomfortable to watch how Mormonism borrows from Christianity and Judaism, yet denies the most central tenets of both religions. In Mormonism, the god Elohim is not all knowing (makes for a pretty weak god) and Michael is believed to be equal to Jesus. Some weird rituals are alarming, like where man calls on God “Oh God, hear the words of my mouth” and then Satan shows up and says, “I am the God of this world”. Five minutes later, everyone in the room is wearing the same sort of “apron” and chanting “Oh God, hear the…

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