Tony speaks the truth of the word of God, which tells us clearly that sexual immorality is a sin (which everyone knows, yet some deny the truth of it, hating the fact that they cannot do whatever they like with no consequences, and that there is a GOD who created them and knows them). He did not zero in on any one specific sexual sin, but delineated sexual sin…and was arrested for doing so, although later let go with no charges filed. Please pray for those who support this kind of censorship. May their consciences not let them rest until they acknowledge the truth that God speaks in the Bible, and may he draw them to repentance and regeneration through Jesus Christ, His Son and the only way to God as Father. We live in desperately sad times, folks…so many are gleefully lost and condemning themselves to eternal Hell instead of bending the knee to the One Who offers them salvation as HIS gift, through His love and mercy. Pray, and keep speaking the truth of the Gospel, no matter what. And to Tony…way to go my brother. The true Body is with you all the way.

If you have never received the pardon from your sins against God that He wants to give you…this is why you need it and here is how you can receive it. Do it now.