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If They Can Get Along...

If They Can Get Along…

Art thou a husband?

Treat thy wife with tenderness and respect; reprove her faults with gentleness; be faithful to her in love; give up thy heart to her in confidence, and alleviate her cares.

Art thou a wife?

Respect thy husband; oppose him not unreasonably, but yield thy will to his, and thou shalt be blessed with peace and concord; study to make him respectable, as well for thine own sake as for his; hide his faults; be constant in thy love and devote thy time to the care and education of the dear pledges of thy love.”

–Original BlueBack Speller (1824), Precepts on Social Relations

Such truth! And Lord, I know how far I fall short at so many times….Help me to love by this, which is Your truth, consistently and wholeheartedly and with Your grace. How I love and submit and respect my husband is a reflection of how I love and obey YOU. THAT is a weighty and sobering truth, not just for me, but I’m sure for all the husbands and wives who call You Master and Friend. Help us all do so much better! But so far as it be my responsibility, Lord I need Your Spirit and YOUR grace. Thanks Abba Father. And thank You my Lord Jesus. I love You.  AGM