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Thinking Correctly

By , April 30, 2013

In one of his talks on Ultimate Apologetics, Dr. Jason Lisle of Answers in Genesis states a profound truth. He points out that Christians have a moral obligation to think correctly – to think God’s thoughts after Him, being transformed by the renewing of our mind – to operate within the God-given laws of logic and a consistent worldview based solidly on the Truth of Scripture.

This means that being irrational, illogical, arbitrary, and inconsistent (among other things) is not only foolish, but it is also wrong. I had never thought about our thinking that way. Sobering, isn’t it?

Lisle also mentioned our need as Christians for regular internal evaluation of our worldview and our thinking – and for peer evaluation as well. As we grow more like Christ and as we learn more of God’s Word, our thinking and worldview will become increasingly biblical and therefore increasingly logical and consistent (because apart from the biblical worldview, concepts like logic could not exist).

Thinking soundly is one of the many ways we glorify God. It is one way we magnify His perfectly true, just, consistent, wise nature. Honoring God with the way I think is a privilege I admit that I had never considered, much less taken seriously. I pray God will help me to grow in this area.