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Ahenakew Hate Crimes Second Trial

Friends and followers of this blog, this is a post about a man whom we know and have come to love over the last few years. His name isDouglas Christie. He is a lawyer and has been for over forty years. He was the man whom God used to help bring our children home after our long and exhaustive fight against the government of Canada.

He has a reputation for defending any and all who have been oppressed by the powers of gov’t, censorship and the like, he has defended people who would be considered hate-mongers, anti-Semites, racists, etc. However, if you can find anywhere in God’s word where his sin is greater than yours, then stop reading now. Douglas Christie is not a Christian, he is a Catholic. He is a sinner, in trouble with an angry God. He believes in God, but that’s it. Douglas Christie is dying of advanced liver cancer and has give or take six months to live.

If this man dies in the state he’s in right now, he will go to hell. It is my prayer and that of my wife for him to be saved and spared the wrath of God, but obviously, this decision is up to God and Him alone. Please pray. Please lift this man before God in prayer and ask that He show mercy to him. I recently saw my wife torn from the jaws of hell and made right and holy in the sight of God.

I don’t care about his fight with governements and oppressive powers. I don’t care about his legacy. All I care is about the man. His soul is on the verge of eternal damnation.

Please pray for his salvation.