By Chris Lawson

It is no secret that the year ahead is going to be very interesting. No doubt more people that we (and you) never thought would turn away from the truth, will. If you have not seen this happening yet you will see it in the future. You will also be outright persecuted as a Christian for standing against the flood of evil in our society and in many churches. It is becoming more blatant now than ever. We have been watching this trend for years and it appears to be increasing rapidly. No church or community is immune to apostasy and no individual is immune to it either.

Yes we are grateful that the Lord is “saving people from their sins” in many places but we must not forget that Western civilization and so-called “American Christianity” are totally melting down from within. The current societal lusting after every form of alternative medicine, folk spirituality, occult “energy work,” yoga, Reiki (soft-channeling) and the like is proof positive that evolutionism, secular humanism, materialism and a fully corrupted popular-Christianity has taken root en masse. Incredibly, the same trend can be seen all over the United Kingdom, Canada, Western Europe and beyond. Hindu America is alive and well and it will not go away! Why? Hinduism has been “Westernized.”

Let us not forget what the Holy Spirit teaches us from Scripture, about what has been happening and what will happen more and more toward the end of the age:

“Now the [Holy] Spirit speaketh [explicitly] expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart [turn away] from the faith, giving heed [paying attention] to seducing spirits, and doctrines [teachings] of devils [demons];” (1 Timothy 4:1)

Yes friends, “demons” can and do “teach”! They just need puppets, patsies and spiritually blind folk to be their “visionaries,” mouthpieces and “New Light Leaders.” What are New Light Leaders? (See Leonard Sweet’s teachings/quotes). In a nutshell, New Light Leaders are teachers who are bringing the “quantum flood” into mainstream fields of Scientific research as well as the Church. These teachers are bringing in a mixture of ancient occult pantheistic evolution, that at the “quantum level” (really, really small) allegedly reveals that “we are all One – we all are the ‘fabric’ of the Universe.”

Essentially, New Light Spirituality can be termed “Occult Oneness.” The teaching of Occult Oneness seeks to undo the biblical Jesus Christ and reject God as Creator. This “man is God” philosophy turns the universe into the “Universe – a living breathing thing.” It teaches that the reality of the universe is both impersonal and personal, divine and evil – all at the same time. This “Oneness” turns dung into deity, exalts snakes, monkeys and cows as equal with humanity and the human species as just another part of cosmic evolutionary development. Quantum Spirituality / The New Gospel / The New Age is actually the high road to the undoing of humanity.

Unfortunately, many in our age are “giving heed” [paying attention to] this occult philosophy and flocking after the false prophets who bring it – even in many “Christian” settings! This ought not be!

Remember what Jesus said, “Take heed that no man deceive you…” (Matthew 24:4)? Remember what Paul the Apostle said, “Let no man deceive you by any means…” (2 Thess. 2:3)? Remember what all the books of the New Testament (except Philemon) so clearly address in varying ways? They collectively warn about false teachers, spiritual deception, liars, deceivers, false prophets, lying signs and wonders, satanic miracles, sorcery wrapped as Christianity, occultism, divination, false visions, vain imaginations, Satan’s ministers, false gospel’s, doctrinal aberrations, legalism, counterfeit workers, false gods, false christs, false spirits, false apostles, false miracles, betrayal, persecution of true believers, etc?

We would do well to remember the words of Jesus who reminded his disciples, “[R]emember Lot’s wife!” (Luke 17:32), lest we too fall prey to spiritual deception in any of its myriad forms.