This is simply awesome. An accurate biblical perspective from a brother I well respect. Men…(yes, you too)…listen up…the word of GOD to you and to your wives ( yes, me too). Short form…DO YOUR JOB! PLEASE!! If you cannot, will not, or are not…then you are NOT right with God…fix that!!! That is all. AGM 😉

True Christian Review

Ephesians 5:23-33

The husband is called to do the following:

Love his wife sacrificially (as Christ loves the church)

Lead his wife in truth and devotion to Christ

Submit to the Lordship of Christ and His command for the family

Cleave unto His wife in “one-flesh” union, leaving mother and father

Love his wife as himself


The wife is called to:

Submit to her husband and come under his servant leadership

-in doing so, the wife submits to Christ (v. 22)

Submit in everything

Obey her husband

Respect her husband

Christ is the head of the church. He has also ordained man as the head of his household.The husband must call his wife to faithfully obey himself and Christ. This assumes that the man is leading his home with biblical convictions

v. 26 God commands us to love our wives and give up our lives for her meaning “sacrificially”.

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