We just watched this….I’m tellin ya, you need to watch it as well, and perhaps pass it on to those you know. Especially those around you who enjoy having property and, albeit limited to an extent, liberty with that property. Or any kind of liberty at all, for that matter. It is engaging, but better, it’s very well researched, documented and laid out.

The thing is…this affects not only property owners, but pretty much all life in general. This is already well put in place in every state of the Union, and something you most probably WILL want to know about, (just so you know what’s really happening and how it is being accomplished and are not caught off guard), because it’s effect is stunning and wholly destructive to human life. Which, we all know (or should by now) is expendable and a “threat” to the planet. Which is total bunk, unless you’re a Gaia worshiper. Which is what all this “green” stuff is really all about.

It is amazing how Satan has used the “useful idiots”…the pagans, and even the non-pagans who have been indoctrinated into “political correctness” (harmless sounding Socialist term for silencing God’s truth), dumbed into Deltas through the public and even private school systems (your kid get good grades? You should fear for them…they are being brainwashed into earth worshiping, God haters, and they don’t even know it…little drones who, if their grades are good, are parroting the most heinous things you could never imagine! Wake up parents!), and media brainwashing, using ALL forms of media…and really big on the list…the junk science lie of “global warming” or “Climate change”. Truth…the climate does change, that’s how GOD designed it. And yep, it’s gonna burn up…GOD’s gonna do that. No one can do anything about that. God has already said He will destroy the entire planet and solar system….for more info on that, please refer to your Bibles.

BUT, God is fulfilling His word through these things…and those who have nurtured their plethora of “useful idiots” through the schools, media, etc, are really THE useful idiots dancing on Satan’s string, and that is only being allowed by a sovereign God for His purposes. That said…this is how it’s all coming together…the Socialist/Communist agenda (truly furthered by the Fabian Society), using the UN and others, and going on down to every system and ideology in the world, sadly including the so-called church (which is not the Church, but a poor substitute, filled with still more mindless drones who think repeating a salvation mantra, maybe doing some social works, and going to church and/or home groups ensures both their salvation and their family’s eternity).

It is stunning the way the enemy has pulled it off…more so because most people have no idea it even exists (Satan’s best lie…”I’m not here”), and how fast all the loose ends are being tied together. We are in the last days, folks, and things are happening at a quicker and quicker pace…which means our Redemption is all the closer….keep looking up! But watch this first… 😉 AGM


”  This is vital information for every American.  This video is 1 hour, 23 minutes long.  Please take the time to watch it.

In January 2010, I wrote a short article about Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development

 I regret having to say that to the average American these are foreign terms.  They must not continue to be. A worldwide plan is well into implementation, and it has reached to the local level in many communities across our country.  As you will see, anything that the powers-that-be consider “unsustainable” must go.  That includes skiing, a pasture with sweet grass for your horse, your family, your private property — including your home.Got your attention yet?

I have NEVER seen such a clear and exemplary explanation of the United Nations’ Agenda 21 program, otherwise known as Sustainable Development.  This WILL affect you and your family at some point, if it has not already.  DO NOT MISS THIS VIDEO. And pass it on! ” ~Heidi Swandler.