This is a topic that is very high on my list, and ongoing in my life in the people I love who, while believing themselves saved, have no fruit to show for it. Been reading “The Gospel of Jesus” by John MacArthur, and he makes it so very clear in scripture that one has to be blind to miss it. No obedience, no changed heart, no salvation. That said…I received this blog post in my email today, and had to share it. Before I do…I want to caution people…NEVER proclaim someone “saved” just because they say they are! The church is teaming with deluded, unregenerate sinners whose lives have never been changed by Christ, and with that kind of blindness in them it is impossible to shine the light of truth into their delusion, and they “get it”, without a miracle from God. I hate the false church and ‘pastors’, goats really, who have dumbed down the gospel, proclaimed people saved because they said a prayer or walked down an aisle or because they say they believe in Jesus…so does Satan…but whose live demonstrate no fruit of repentance or change of heart.  Instead they make up terms like “carnal Christian” and say that Jesus never preached repentance and obedience…when the truth is He never preached anything BUT those condition. They are inherent in every word He spoke regarding salvation. These men, these people with their false assurance…They have much blood on their hands. Look at the fruit. Jesus said to look at the fruit…and for pete’s sake, never encourage a sinner with a grasp of theology in his delusion that he is saved with no fruit. You help a still perishing person one step further down the road to Hell! (I also HIGHLY recommend The Gospel According to Jesus”. AGM ΑΩ†

Okay…on with the reblogging:

We all know someone who professes to be Christian and yet, they live just like the world.  I have had discussions with a few neighbors who say they believe in God; one claimed he didn’t need to go to church, he prayed everyday and that was enough. Another boasted in her claim to have read the entire bible at one point in her life, she did not cease from talking long enough to hear much of what I had to say in response to her claims. This is an age-old problem, creating ‘graven images’ in our minds and thinking all is right with our souls as we do so. The human mind cannot know or understand the God of the Bible apart from Him granting us this knowledge, as A. W. Pink so rightly declares “he can be known, only as He is revealed to the heart by the Holy Spirit through the word”. We all should take care this is not the case with us, to speak flippantly about the God of the Bible without understanding or knowing who He is; this problem is addressed in chapter two of Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ book ‘Seeking the face of God’. In this chapter Lloyd-Jones says “I am almost persuaded that the chief problem today is not the problem of people who say there is no God and who are in the world. It is the problem of people who go to the house of God in a purely mechanical manner. They go there, but why? Because it is the thing to do. They attend a church as a matter of duty. It is like only putting on a certain suit in order to go to a place of worship on Sunday morning, and it is done with a pure formality; it is entirely external.

Doesn’t this sound familiar? This has been an ongoing problem and will continue to be until Christ returns. These superficial sinners love to proclaim a God they don’t even know; how do we know their claim is false? Lloyd-Jones explains, “It [their religion] has no influence at all upon their daily life. Having talked so much about God, they live as if He did not exist. They pay lip service to Him, but He does not control their lives; He is not the Master of their existence. They hate instruction, and their lives are not lived in conformity with His commandments-they cast His words behind them.”

Some will accuse this of being a ‘salvation by works’ mentality, it is anything but. Those who walk in obedience to Christ’s commands prove they have been regenerated, not so as to be saved, but as evidence they are saved. Here is how Lloyd-Jones describes the lip service ‘types’, “The trouble with such people is that they are entirely in control of their religion. They are at the center, and God is just being considered and put into His place. What they think about God is the truth they accept about Him, and they will worship God in their way, when and how they want to; they are absolutely in control. They determine everything.” In essence, what he’s saying is that these types of people create a God based on human wisdom, not biblical truth. They form an idol in their minds that pleases them and leaves them comfortable in their sins. They even go so far as to say things like ‘God will not send anyone to hell’, or ‘the bible was written by a bunch of old men’. I work with a lady who made that very statement and yet, claims to believe in God; she just doesn’t believe in the God of the Bible. I shared with her a passage from Romans chapter five, Christ died for the ungodly. I asked her if she saw herself as ungodly, she said ‘no’. Here lies one of the two problems sinners have, a wrong view of their own wickedness as well as a wrong view of God’s holiness and His righteousness.

What should they know about God? Here is what Martyn Lloyd-Jones says we all need to know, “Listen to the first statement in this Psalm: ‘The mighty God…the Lord’ {Psalm 50:1}. The Psalmist starts with three names of God: El, Elohim, and Jehovah. These names together mean this; the Almighty One hath spoken, the only One who is the proper object of worship has spoken. The almighty God-Elohim; the Lord-Jehovah, the self-existent, eternal One-that is the one about whom we are speaking. Now, may the Holy Spirit of God enable me to open your eyes and your understanding so that we may all grasp this. Oh, the way we speak about God! We have all done it; I have done it myself. I have been one of a company discussing religion and God and theology, and there we all sat in armchairs, discussing God. The amazing thing is that God tolerates us at all and that He does not wipe us out of existence! You remember what happened to Moses at the burning bush. He said, ‘what’s this? This is an interesting phenomenon, I’m going to investigate it’, and he was on the point of approaching when the Voice came out of the bush and addressed him saying “Draw not nigh hither, put off thy shoes from off thy feet, for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground” {Exodus 3:5}. If you and I realized the nature and being of God, we would stop speaking. We would stop mouthing these things and making our declarations. With Job of old, when he really came into God’s presence, we would put our hands upon our mouths. We would be ashamed of ourselves for having spoken ‘unadvisedly with our lips’ {Ps. 106:33} and we would be silent before Him. That is the only right and true and appropriate attitude. If you want to know anything about God and to be blessed by Him, then you do not start by speaking about Him, nor by thinking what you want to think about what God ought to be like or about what God ought to do. You just stop in silence, and you wait, and you listen, and you adore, and you look up. “The mighty God, even the Lord {Jehovah} hath spoken”.

Lloyd-Jones brought up Psalm 50:21, ‘ you thought that I was one like yourself’. God is nothing like us: He is holy, separate from His creation, ascended high above the heavens; He is mighty. His name is sacred, His character is righteous, undefiled, pure; He cannot lie, He cannot look upon sin, He cannot let sin go unpunished because He is holy. He is everlasting, eternal, loving, merciful and just. His power is displayed in His creation, speaking this world into existence ‘ex-nihilo’-out of nothing. He gathers the wind in His fists {Proverbs 30:4}, ‘He makes the clouds his chariot; He rides on the wings of the wind’ {Psalm 104:3}. He fills every inch of space, time and matter and yet, resides in every regenerated heart. He knows all, sees all and hears all, before any of it comes into being. He is self-sufficient and needs nothing, His wisdom is unfathomable.

Once more, I quote Pink, ‘how far exalted above the wisest man is the Lord! None of us knows what a day may bring forth, but all futurity is open to His omniscient gaze.’ ‘The eyes of the LORD are in every place, beholding the evil and the good.’ {Proverbs 15:3}. Does it frighten you to think God is always watching, always seeing your every move, your every thought as well as the motive behind those thoughts and movements? Pink encourages us with these words ‘the whole of my life stood open to His view from the beginning. He foresaw my every fall, my every sin, my every backsliding and yet, nevertheless, fixed His heart upon me. Oh, how the realization of this should bow me in wonder and worship before Him!’
It isn’t enough to just believe in God, you must know Him. You should desire Him, He should be your life. God does not want our verbal professions, He doesn’t need that. He wants every bit of us; our hearts, minds, souls; time, talent, treasure should all be viewed in a way as to how we can serve and honor Him. He should come before spouses, children, grandchildren, careers, hobbies, and whatever else demands our attention.

Our complete dependence and reliance should continually be upon Him…a total surrender is what He wants. Martyn Lloyd-Jones asks some stinging questions at the end of chapter two, see how well you do – ‘what is your attitude in the presence of God? What do you believe about God? Is your whole life centered in Him? If you believe in God, that will be the case. There is nothing more awful and reprehensible than to talk about Him and forget all about Him, and to live as if He were not there at all. Are you calling upon God for salvation? Have you seen your desperate need of Him? Do you know you will have to face Him in the judgment? Perhaps there will be, as it were, a tape recording played back to you of all you have said about God, how you have spoken about Him and His laws and declared His statutes. And then it will be read out to you-the things that you have done, the life you have lived; your self-centeredness, your selfishness, the fact that your whole life was not surrendered to God and lived to His glory and to His praise. It is a tremendous thing to say you believe in God, but look at the implications. He is the almighty God, Jehovah, the Judge before whom every one of us will have to stand. Are you humble before God? “Humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God” – and if you do so, I promise you -“He will exalt you” {1 Peter 5:6}

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