Seems the demons have more “sense” than most people. They at least KNOW what a fearsome and holy God, God is, and that every word He says is truth. Why? Because they have been in His presence, rebelled against Him (as the unsaved do every day), and partially suffered the consequences of that rebellion. The ultimate consequence is eternal Hell, which is the same consequence for all who either deny Jesus Christ or who have faith tantamount to the “faith” that demons hold to. But unlike them, for the unsaved (and you know by your conscience who you are…it testifies against you if you will listen to it), that does not have to become your ultimate destiny. Repent and believe on Jesus Christ, submit to the word, obey the Lord…live for HIM instead of for you…before it is too late for you as well.

It seems there are two great lies of Satan…one is that those who are saved really are not (the vague ‘extra something’ that you may not have ‘done right’, or that somehow you are just too bad), OR that you are saved, even though Jesus has never really changed your life or the way you live, think, act…(simply because you mentally agree with who He is,think yourself better than you really are, go to church,etc.)

There are two links that you need to check out…the Good Person link ( ), and the one for those who are churchgoing ( ) , but not Christ living. Make your election sure, please!